Conferences and Projects

Current and Previous Noise Conferences

There is a list of links to archived and current conferences in the sidebar.
Currently, only the last two Low Frequency links are available now, but a few copies of the proceedings from these earlier ones are still available.

Low Frequency Noise

The international Low Frequency Noise conferences were established in the mid 1970s. Geoff Leventhall has been closely associated with them since 1980. They now take place every two years and take place mainly in Europe however, in 2008 it was in Tokyo, Japan then in 2010 is was Aalborg. They provide a forum for researchers and other interested participants to explore this specialist area of acoustics.
The 2012 conference was held in Stratford upon Avon in the UK. The 2014 was to be held in Berlin but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to lack of papers, many of the Low Frequency papers are now concentrated on the Wind Turbine Noise conference, see side panel.

After the 2014 cancellation it was decided that due to insufficient interest, future conference papers should be part of the International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise (ICBEN) programme or if appropriate the Wind Turbine Noise programme.

The 2017 conference in Zurich was run as part of the IBEN conference programme and was very sucessful in bringing in new interest to this topic. Future conferences in this series can be seen here

Wind Turbine Noise

These international Wind Turbine Noise conferences, also established by Geoff Leventhall started in 2005, the first one was held in Berlin and attracted participants from many countries. It provides a meeting point for researchers, planners, environmental scientists, developers and those suffering from the effects of wind turbines to meet and hear the latest research, as well as discuss current issues arising from the noise from wind farms and wind turbines.
These are also held every two years.
2009 – Aalborg, Denmark. A very successful event judging from the number and quality of the papers presented and range of participants from all over the world.

2011 – Rome, Italy.
2013 – Denver, Colorado, USA
2015 – Glasgow, Scotland, UK

E-learning projects

Coping with Noise

This project has finished as there is no further financial support
This exciting project aimed to use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help noise sufferers. It is supported by the UK government and the pilot study has recently been completed. The project uses a web based course to help sufferers who have tried all other avenues to resolve their problems.