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Papers to Download

Here are some papers that you can download in PDF format – you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print them.

  1. Annoyance from low frequency noise
    A review by Geoff published in the Journal Noise and Health. It is largely based on parts of the review for Defra. See below. Size about 350kB
  2. Defra Report: Review on Low Frequence Noise
    A Review of Published Research on Low Frequency Noise and its Effects. Here you can see the full review of low frequency noise which Geoff prepared for Defra in 2003. Size about 900kB
  3. Earlier Paper Published on Coping Strategies for Low Frequency Noise
    A few years ago the team carried out a preliminary project for Defra on the use of psychotherapy to help those troubled by low frequency noise of unknown origin and to help them cope with their problem, The paper is a summary of this work, published in January 2008. Size about 450kB
  4. [TA 097] from NICE on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that has been approved for use in the Health Service
    Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. NICE guidance
    This is a review of the recommendations of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence on the use of computerized cognitive behaviour therapy for mild to moderate anxiety and depression, which are typical of the feelings of low frequency noise sufferers. Size about 133kB
  5. Interim Report for this project
    This is the report on the first stage of this project.

Web Site on CBT

Visit the Royal College of Psychiatrists for further information on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy