How to Participate

Whilst the primary interest is within the UK, we are able to extend participation to others who live outside the UK. The language of the work is English.

Look at the FAQ pages to find answers to questions commonly asked about this project.


If you are a noise sufferer, most likely with a low frequency noise problem, we may be able to enrol you in this course. Qualifications for enrolment include:

  • A persistent noise problem.
  • Investigations, for example  by local environmental authorities, or other professional investigators, have not found a solution.
  • You are willing to give several hours a week, over a period of 8 to 10 weeks, in order to carry out the project.

This project is not to be used as the initial treatment for a low frequency noise problem, but is intended  for those who have already been through the standard environmental and/or medical processes, without receiving sufficient help. 

The project is a serious piece of Government funded scientific work and only those with a genuine low frequency noise problem, for which previous attempts at solution have failed, should ask to become involved in it.

Participants will complete questionnaires before joining the project and again at the end. All information given to us will be kept confidential and will not be traceable back to the participants in the project.

Your Obligations

We do not wish to enrol participants who are not sufficiently motivated to complete the course over a period of about eight weeks. Short absences can be accommodated.
You will need to:

  • Complete the questionnaire before receiving the course material
  • Devote regular time to the course, including several hours a week to study each lesson of the course and a short period each day for reinforcing the relaxation and desensitisation therapy.
  • Complete a questionnaire at the end of the course before receiving the printed handbook.

Who to Contact

For more information on the project either
complete the form
or contact

With the following information:-

  • Name
  • Address
  • e-mail
  • Contact phone number: Day & Evening
  • A description of the low frequency noise problem and how you are affected by it.