Wind Turbine Noise: Perspectives for Control

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First International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise
Berlin 2005

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Post-Conference Update for WTN2005

Next Conference:
Second International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise
20-22nd September 2007 in Lyon, France. visit web site

Latest information

Organised by INCE/Europe in collaboration with the European Acoustics Association

The conference attracted more than 130 delegates from 22 countries. We can recommend the conference facilities at the Relexa Stuttgarter Hof Hotel, Berlin to anybody who is planning a future conference in Berlin

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Brandenburg gate at night
The Brandenburg Gate, symbol of Berlin
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Monday 17th October &
Tuesday 18th October 2005


Conference Proceedings

These are available as a CD ROM from INCE/Europe at a cost of GBP55.00 reduced to GBP45.00 for INCE/Europe affiliates, including postage.

Contact: Cathy Mackenzie

Conference Photos

Take a look at these informal photos taken at the conference, during the breaks. WTN2005 Photo Album Try the Slideshow button to see them all.
If anyone else has photos, please email me and we can add them to this set.
You can purchase prints directly from the Tesco Photobox site where they are hosted, if required.


The urgent need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels is being met, in part, by the introduction of wind turbines, either singly or in multiple arrays, both onshore and offshore. At the present time there are nearly 70,000 turbines installed world-wide. Europe is leading in the development of wind-generating capacity, expected to rise from less than 30,000MW in 2003 to 75,000MW in 2010 and possibly 180,000MW in 2020. Germany and Spain are currently the primary producer of wind power in Europe, with around 15,000MW of capacity. Denmark is the country which produces the greatest proportion of its energy requirements from wind and also dominates the global export market. The USA, which was the first commercial provider of wind energy, has fallen behind Europe and presently has about one fifth of the European generating capacity. India, Australia, New Zealand, China and other countries are developing their wind generating capacity. China, which has become a large importer of fossil fuels, has the potential to install 170,000MW of wind power by 2020. Development of onshore wind power brings wind turbines closer to habitation, leading to the possibility of noise problems, such that a frequent objection raised in planning procedures is that of noise and vibration.

This conference aims to bring together the latest information on noise and vibration from wind turbines to give an unbiased framework from within which future developments can be assessed.

The conference will also provide a venue for researchers on wind turbine noise and its effects to meet together and also meet with those who design wind turbine installations, both in industry and in the planning process.

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Mailing List

The mailing list for WTN2005 will be used to send initial information on Wind Turbine Noise 2007, our next conference in this series. You can add your name to the existing mailing list to ensure you receive the information or contact the organiser who can add your name to this list. (you will be sent an invitation that you will need to confirm)

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This mailing list will be used to advise you of changes to the web pages, registration information, deadlines and other information associated with this conference. You do not have to join but may miss important last minute information.

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Archives of postings can be seen at windturbinenoise2005 postings

Course on Noise

This course had 24 delegates.

A half -day introductory course on basic ideas on noise and its assessment is planned for Sunday 16th October. This will help to set the scene for those without specialist knowledge. There is a separate registration fee for this course of €100 including course notes. The Course will cover:

  • Noise and decibels,
  • Sound power and sound pressure,
  • Noise levels and human hearing,
  • Human response to noise,
  • Sources of noise,
  • Propagation of noise,
  • Noise control,
  • Basics of noise from wind turbines,
  • Production and propagation.

Registration for this course is on the registration form

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The Conference and Exhibition will be held in the Hotel Stuttgarter Hof, Berlin, 17th and 18th October 2005. The Stuttgarter Hof Hotel, a member of the Relexa Group, has a central location in Berlin, a short walk from the Potsdammer Platz and not far from the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Public transport, museums and restaurants are nearby. Special room rates have been arranged for conference delegates.

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Berlin is connected by air to all major cities and served by a number of low cost airlines. There are good train connections to both Eastern and Western Europe


Delegates are recommended to stay at the Conference Hotel, the Relexa Group Stuttgarter Hof Hotel, in order to take advantage of the special rates which have been arranged for the Conference of €95 a night single room, €125 a night double room, including breakfast. To reserve your room contact the Relexa Hotel reservation quoting "active noise" and "Stuttgarter Hof" as reference for these room rates.

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Hotel contact details:

Address: Anhalter Strasse 8 - 9, 10963 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 264 83 915 and +49 30 264 83 916 Fax: +49 30 264 83 915

For more information on the Hotel visit the web site and click on " Locations - Berlin"

Berlin Links

Berlin Tourism:

Conference Hotel:

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Organising Committee

Mark Bastasch USA
Frits van den Berg The Netherlands
Malcolm Hayes UK
Jørgen Jakobsen Denmark
Helmut Klug Germany
Geoff Leventhall UK - Organiser
Hildegard Niemann Germany - Local Organiser
Kerstin Persson-Waye Sweden
Bo Søndergaard Denmark
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Further information

For further information on the Conference e-mail

INCE/Europe is a member of I-INCE, the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering and is a Sustaining Member of the European Acoustics Association.

INCE logo
Riverside House,
4 Oakland Vale,
New Brighton, Merseyside CH45 1LQ
T: +44 (0)151 638 0181 F: +44 (0)151 639 5212
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Photographs of wind turbines:
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  • Beinnghlass, Copyright Scottish Power, source:
  • Out Newton, Copyright E On Renewables, source

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